Are Leaders ‘Born’ Or Do They ‘Learn’ To Become?

Submitted by: Ronnie Roberts

Do Leaders have something special that they are born with? A unique quality or gift? Do they Learn to become leaders through various forms of education?

I often wonder if it takes a special sort of person to become a great leader. Not everybody can become one, I am sure of that, but just about anyone can learn about leadership skills and techniques. Education on the subject can be found easily on the internet and there are endless sources of information that we can all use to learn the skills that are needed to understand the techniques of leadership. But that’s not enough to really cut it. There is more, a characteristic that leaders have that education cannot create. Perhaps it s in the genes, inherited from the distant past.

There are many many people out there with the education that can put to shame most common day politicians and countless successful business leaders. Yet so many of those people tend to stay in second place, or behind the scenes, not wanting to take the front seat, not wanting to be exposed to the realities of being in charge. In many ways, one has to be very brave to be a leader, to have all the responsibility and all of risk focused on you.


Throughout history, great leaders are first to take risks and the last to give up. That is not a trait that can be gained simply through education, it is I think something more fundamental, something inherited which burns deeply in the veins of some people, enabling them to take the reins when the opportunity to lead presents itself.

Perhaps you are a leader, or maybe you have what it takes and only need to learn how to unleash your potential. Perhaps some education will help.

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