Doctor In Whitefield Bangalore

Doctor in Whitefield Bangalore


Patricia Gryer

If you need a Doctor in Whitefield Bangalore who specializes in Orthopedics you will have several choices. In the 1980 s the city was a small retirement community comprised of mostly of Anglo Indians. It is now one of the suburbs of the Bengaluru area.The community has now grown into a thriving residential district and become a center for several large information technology companies. The Export Promotion Industrial Park is an important center for Indian information technology and has several large International and Indian companies. It also has a thriving Medical Center.

It has a famous ashram called Brindavan. This is a religious hermitage where people go to learn more about the Hindu religion and culture. They also go to get relief from the world and renew their spiritual harmony.

If you are looking for a Doctor in Whitefield who specializes in Orthopedics you will be wise to consider your needs and any emergencies that crop up like:


Fractures: a fracture is when you do not break a bone but just get a crack in it. The limb needs to be supported and demobilized as soon as possible. The sooner you get to the doctor the sooner you can do this and get relief. Accidents can happen at any time, especially if you have children. They can fall and get a sprain or a fracture. Before an emergency comes it is good to find a specialist, so you do not have to run around when an accident takes place.

Arthritis flare ups: if you have arthritis you can sometimes experience a flare up especially if you have rheumatoid arthritis or gout. These can be very painful and it is good to know of a good Orthopedic Doctor in Whitefield Bangalore who can help you get relief.

Joint replacements: sometimes arthritis can wear away the joints so badly that you find it impossible to move. This is especially true of knees and hips. This is when you may have to consider a hip or knee joint replacement. You will need to find a reliable physician in Bengaluru to do this.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: this is a common orthopedic problem which you need long term treatment for. finding an experienced specialist will give you faster relief.

You can find top orthopedic doctors at Genesis hospital. They also have an in-house radiology department and lab and a full range of specialist including a top gynecologist, urologist, dermatologist and cardiologist which means that you do not have to go elsewhere to get x-rays done or for any other medical services. This saves your time and allows you to be treated faster by a Doctor in Whitefield. Genesis hospital is conveniently located near the city and has a team of professional caring medical personnel to take care of you. They have consultations available by appointment. It has been rated #1 multi specialty hospital since 1995.

For consultations or appointments at the hospital please call: 984 554 3015For more details visit:

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