Facts On Liquid Face Lifts

By Dr Tyng Tan

Back in the day, if you want to get that youthful lift, you need to brave the scalpel to get that certain look. You only have that option if you want to have a radical change at a faster time. But recent times have led to the introduction of nonsurgical face lifts which reduces so many potential problems present in the traditional procedure. Hence the production of the variety of dermal fillers or what are also called liquid face lifts.

Liquid face lifts aren’t really a new thing for most of us today. In fact you may have heard of this too many times on the news or TV with all these celebrities using it.

Liquid face lifts are made out of synthetic ingredients, and is aimed at adding more facial volume. It corrects and improves sunken portions of the cheeks and orbital areas, and it gives the lips better definition and fullness.

The term generally applies to a number of solutions used such as Radiesse, Juvederm, Perlane, Sculptra, and Restylane. They are options that will prevent or delay the need for any surgical intervention in order to restore the youthful contours of the face.

These liquid face lift solutions are sometimes applied along with Botox for a more dramatic result. Although some would say that Botox can also be included in this category since the injection material is also in liquid form. And Botox basically has the same mode of action as the other fillers.

The FDA has approved these nonsurgical face lift solutions to be safe and is now under wide use among many patients. Each of these has their own composition and specific action on specific areas of the face. Some work temporarily while others provide permanent results.

What makes liquid face lifts so popular is the fact that it only takes very little time to accomplish. It can be done under an hour and there is no long recovery hours needed. You can immediately return to normal activities which makes it the most preferred anti-aging solution for women who are on the go.

But compared to a surgical procedure, a liquid face lift would require more repeated procedures to maintain the effect. But today there are products that are formulated to provide results which lasts longer.

The good thing about this temporary action of most dermal fillers is that it gives patient a chance to change their mind. If they are not happy with the result, they can just wait for a couple of months until the effect starts to wane.

Compared to cosmetic surgery, liquid face lifts are less damaging to your budget. But the prices for the various dermal fillers vary depending on their composition, length of action, and the number of sessions required attaining optimum results. You also would have to factor in the doctor’s fee.

But despite any promise that a certain liquid face lift solution provides, the success of your results also lies on the skill of the doctor administering it. Specific units of dosing should be followed along with the right manner of administration is important.

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