Why A Little Goes A Long Way With Table Top Trade Show Displays

April, 2015 byadmin

A larger trade show display, such as the 20 by 20 booths, are not the only types of booths than can make an impact at a trade show. When you choose the right design, tabletop trade show displays can be just as effective and save you money and space.

A large misconception regarding trade show booths is the bigger the better – the bigger you go, the more results you will see. However, this is not completely true. If you organize your booth space well and create a look with graphics that really make a statement, a portable, table top display can be as effective as larger convention booths.

Table top displays are extremely affordable and offered in a number of shapes that will help you to stand out during an event. Some of the tabletop displays that are currently available are highlighted here.

Pop Up Displays

These are most well-known for their ease of assembly and vibrant, crisp graphics. These are fabric table top displays that come in both six and eight foot size options. A nice feature of these booths is that the graphics are able to be interchanged to create a new look from show to show.

The Hybrid Table Top Display

This is one of the latest offerings when it comes to table top displays for trade shows. They are called hybrids because they integrate the traditional construction of a booth with modern materials. You can also attach lights to these options to illuminate your entire booth.

Green Booths

More and more trade show exhibitors are going green with their displays by using recyclable materials for the frame, shelves and graphic panels. They even use LED lighting to ensure energy efficiency. There are a number of configurations and sizes available that will create an attractive tabletop booth.

Fabric Tension Displays

These booths feature fabric pulled over the frame in a type of pillowcase manner. This provides a wrinkle free, flawless look. This type of display has a 3D appearance and only takes a few minutes to set up. You can also change out the graphics in order to create a fresher look from show to show.

Even when you have a limited budget, you can create a great looking boot at your next trade show. Simply find which option of table top displays are best for you and then customize it for your business or brand.