Sacramento Auto Accident Lawyers Versus Claiming Alone

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When you have had an accident in your vehicle then you might be looking at the options that you have available to you. You can use Sacramento auto accident lawyers to help you in your quest to win your case or you can try and fight the insurance companies alone. Either way, they both have advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into account in order for you to make the best decision.

First of all, Sacramento auto accident lawyers will basically do all of the running around for you. They will compile a file, almost like a list of demands for the insurance company telling them how the accident happened, whose fault it is considered to be, the medical bills and records that you have on your side as well as the documents stating how much time away from work you have had to have and the money that you have lost as a direct result of the accident. They concentrate on getting everything together to ensure that you are healing and taking care of yourself after what must have been a traumatic time for you. Should you decide not to use Sacramento auto accident lawyers, you will be expected to come up with all of the supporting documents yourself including a medical release form so that the insurance companies have unbridled access to all of your medical documents. If you have injuries as a result of your accident, this is obviously that last thing that you will want to do.


Despite the fact that the Sacramento auto accidents lawyers will basically do all of the hard work for you, it must be taken into consideration that this will all be done with a fee. Usually, most lawyers will take a percentage of the compensation that you win from your claim should you be successful but there are some that may charge by the hour, a flat rate and other options alongside these. You need to remember that if you use Sacramento auto accident lawyers, it can be costly and if you lose your case, you could be presented with a bill for all of your legal help. As a general rule, if the Sacramento auto accidents lawyers take a flat fee percentage from your winning case, it can be around twenty-five to forty percent – a massive cut of your compensation! Of course, this can very often work out better than playing a flat fee or an hourly fee but it means that you will have less of the lump sum at the end.

Should you decide to settle with the insurance companies directly, you will usually notice that the process is much quicker once you have all of the requested documents ready and to hand. Sacramento auto accident lawyers will take their time over the whole case, not only because they want to make sure that there is little chance of you losing the case but also because they need to take the time to compile everything together. You might also notice that not using Sacramento auto accidents lawyers and dealing with the insurance companies directly could end up being a much cheaper option especially if the company deems that the accident was not your fault.

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