The Curse Of Dwelling In Dark Gloomy Houses And Rooms

In comparison to those people who live in dark gloomy houses those who live in houses that are exposed to lots of fresh air and sunshine remain soundly healthy and live a long life that is illness free. It means that people who live in dark gloomy houses failing to get proper fresh air and sunshine remain ill, listless and die at a relatively younger age. Hence this quote is well known:


The reason is that when healthy sunshine and fresh clean air for breathing are not got in optimal measure you become ill and thus you have to call the doctor to cure you. Sir James Bye has said: Those soldiers who resided in that portion of St Petersburg that had no sunshine died 3 times more in comparison to those soldiers who resided in that portion of St Petersburg that had a lot of sunshine. When epidemics spread out it is seen that people dwelling in dark gloomy areas in comparison to those residing in places that get sunshine become victims of diseases much more than the latter. Hence those people worried about their health and life span must live/work in such homes and areas where they get exposure to plenty of sunshine.


In our hallowed scriptures and Ayurveda texts sunlight has been eulogized greatly. Due to it many diseases get uprooted. By imbibing solar rays within and without man can destroy all ailments related to Vata-Pitta-Kuf or wind-bile-mucus and live a healthy life of 100 long years. In those food items where important principles are absent can be imbibed from solar rays in ample measure.

Apart from our land India residents of Persia, Egypt, Greece and Italy have been worshiping and eulogizing the sun as a deity since time immemorial. In Greece for worshiping the sun a sun temple was built and it has become world renowned. About 2000 years back Greeces famous doctor Hippocrates was known to heal terrible diseases via solar rays. Today in alien countries healing various diseases via solar rays has come a lot into vogue. The various hues of solar rays are helping in curing many incurable diseases and thus solar healing based therapy is being used on a war footing the world over. Not only ailments related to digestion, skin, muscular network etc are being healed but that via solar ray therapy terrible diseases like TB etc too are being cured. Dr Rolier prefers using solar therapy for bodily ailments instead of surgery by advising his patients to take daily sunbaths. Dr Finsen too has healed innumerable diseased patients via solar healing techniques. He opines that for the all round and total advancement of every childs growth solar ray exposure is a must. Jungle beasts on becoming ill lie down in sunshine and thus get cured successfully. Hence why does man insist on devouring medicines with so many deadly side effects which in turn result in more diseases manifesting in our body. Why does he not take recourse to solar healing therapies so as to accrue marvelous health benefits with minimum expenses incurred?


By giving life force and good health to living beings the amount of power possessed by the sun to ward off their darkness and diseases cannot be found even if you put together all materials the world over including medicines that give good health. Indian spiritual seers have known this right since primordial times hence they have looked upon the sun as Almighty God. They hence made the arrangement of remaining exposed to sunshine as much as possible in their daily tasks and religious/spiritual practices so as to attain its highly beneficial potent energy.

Modern scientific research has in one voice accepted the mind boggling stupendous energy possessed by the brilliant sun. First and foremost amongst them was the great scientist Norgan Davis who in the final phase of the 18th century after conducting important research studies proclaimed: There is no healer greater than the radiant sun that can ward off so many diseases successfully. No medicine, herb etc of the world can compete with solar rays for healing minor or deadly diseases. It is only solar power that can successfully cure millions of diseases very quickly.

Another modern researcher in a doubt free manner has accepted the fact that solar rays are imbued with terrific energy for destroying various disease causing germs, microbes etc. This type of capacity cannot be found even in pesticides, germicides, phenyl etc.

Sir Oliver Lodge is amazed by the fact that people in order to augment good health take recourse to many medicines, herbs, surgeries etc yet he wonders why they fail to take recourse to solar rays that possess incomparable potential to heal various diseases and that too free of cost-FOC.

Englands medical superintendent Sir Henry Gowen as per his experience says that majority of those people who fail to get sunlight exposure or that it is very miniscule in measure become lunatic, handicapped, weak and ill every now and then. Registers that record deaths of people are proof of the fact that in those seasons when fog/mist is in excess and hence sunshine on earth is recorded in very weak measure in those days the number of deaths reported are much more. Most intense darkness noted is during the phase just before sunrise and hence in large numbers patients afflicted with various diseases are known to die.

In the 18th April 1923 edition of Time magazine its medical reporter writes: This year in England and Wales the ratio of number of deaths is 1: 21. Till today in England such a minimum number of deaths have never been recorded. The reason was that our country England had a large measure of sunshine pouring down on its land. This definitely proved successful in warding off various diseases and in augmenting our life force immensely.

A lot of modern medical research has been conducted at the Sandy White region in Hilling Island with reference to tuberculosis or TB disease. Over there renowned anatomists/physiologists have studied it scientifically and the conclusions unearthed have been detailed by Mr. CE Lawrence in his book. He writes that an effect has been directly visualized wherein due to application of solar rays the swelling in the lungs of TB patients lessens a great deal and from deep within wounds in these lungs start getting healed successfully. It is also quite clear that TB germs/microbes decrease immensely in number on getting exposed to sunlight. Similarly those various types of transformations seen take place not merely due to UV light effect but that it is also due to other principles present in solar rays that possess great healing capacities. More research is being conducted with reference to this.

Dr Maverin has proved that the disease of bones bending in children (polio) results due to insufficient exposure of their bodies to sunlight. When these diseased children are exposed to optimal measure of sunlight these diseases get cured.

Vedas say that the sun is the very soul of the world. Modern material science is creating a Super Commentary on every leg of this verse. Spiritual seers the world over in unison are proclaiming that there is no doctor akin to the brilliant sun on this earth who possesses the untold prowess of healing diseases. Yet alas! How ignorant is mankind. In the name of civility and so called culture they refuse to get maximum exposure to sunlight to heal various diseases in their body. Instead they shall foolishly roam around here and there for getting cured even if it means coughing up a lot of cash.